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Adaptation of the method of coupling analysis based on phase dynamics modeling to EEG signals during an epileptic seizure in comatose patients

Background and Objectives: the coupling of EEG signals during an epileptic seizure in patients during coma is being studied. Materials and Methods: the analysis of the applicability of the method of detecting the interaction between oscillatory systems based on the phase dynamics modeling to EEG signals during an epilepsy seizure in comatose patients is carried out.

On the Аnalytical Signal and Yu. N. Zajko Article «A History of One "Artefact"»

The erroneous claims, made in the paper [1] (article of Yu. N. Zayko in «Izvestia of Saratov University. New Ser. Ser. Physics». 2012. Vol. 12, iss. 1. P. 3–11) have been discussed.  

A History of One «Artefact»

A history of the phenomenon of fast oscillations of amplitude and momentary frequency of a signal (pulse) propagating in dispersive media is presented. This history is divided on three periods: first, from its discovery in 60-th of XX Century, second, its oblivion up to the end of XX C., and third – its open discussion from the end of XX C. to present days. A theory of the analytical signal is critically discussed. Some unpublished results are presented.