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nanocarbon composite

Vacuum-plasma processes at extreme field emission in diamond electron sources

Background and Objectives: The use of high-current field electron sources that satisfy various circuitry requirements as a part of electronic devices for various purposes suggests the possibility of matching their operation modes with the operating characteristics of the devices, as well as high reproducibility of emission parameters, stability and the necessary resource of reliability and durability.

Nanocarbon Composites for Non-Incandescent Microwave Magnetrons and Subterahertz Ranges

Background and Objectives: Development of techniques and investigation of secondary emission properties of film diamond graphite nanocomposites obtained in different modes of microwave plasma-chemical deposition were performed for sources of electromagnetic radiation of different output power of microwave and subteragetic frequency ranges. Materials and Methods: Production of film nano diamond graphite composites was carried out in a vacuum plant using a microwave ion-plasma source.