Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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On the Use of Optical Clearing in Strengthening the Sclera by Collagen Photocrosslinking

In the paper, the first evaluation results on the effect of optical clearing on the efficiency of the technique of eye sclera strengthening through the formation of riboflavin / ultraviolet collagen photocrosslinks are presented.

On the Possibility of Stabilization of a Contracted State after Riboflavin/UV Cross-Linking of Collagenous Tissue in a Partially Dehydrated State

Background and Objectives: The method of riboflavin/UV collagen cross-linking is widely used to strengthen the corneal stroma in the treatment of keratoconus and is of considerable interest as a possible method to improve the biomechanical property of the sclera in the treatment of myopia. Regarding the application of this method to the sclera, one of the important problems is the rapid decrease in the intensity of UV radiation due to scattering as it propagates into the tissue.