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Microwave Absorption Spectra and Resonance Frequencies of a «Magnetic Nanocomposite Coating – Microstrip Line» Structure

This paper aims to look into microwave absorption spectra of «mag-netic nanocomposite coating – microstrip line» structure, containing magnetite Fe3O4 nanoparticles. The resulted spectra allowed to define the specific resonance frequencies of the structure under investiga-tion and to figure out the material parameters of the nanocomposite coating, that are, an effective magnetization, a volume fraction of magnetic nanoparticles in the coating as well as a magnetic crystal-line anisotropy filed.

Calculation of Thermal Parameters and Technology of Formation MPL Microwave Range

The calculation of thermal parameters of super-high frequency microstrip microwave is performed. Calculations showed, that the high thermal conductivity of a diamond enables effective removal of heat from the active zone of microstrip microwave, increasing the output power up to 50 W at 3 GHz frequency without compromising the frequency characteristics of microstrip microwave.