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Optical biomedical diagnostics

This paper presents an overview on optical biomedical diagnostics. It discusses briefly the history of the problem. The main attention is paid to description of the modern methods of optical medical diagnostics based on spectrophotometry, fluorescence, Doppler spectroscopy, elastic, quasi-elastic and Raman scattering spectroscopies, as well as optothermal and optoacoustic effects.

Optical Absorption and Raman Scattering in Doped Crystals TlGaSe2 and TlInS2

Background and Objectives. The TlGaSe2 and TlInS2 monocrystals are the А3В3С6 2 type ternary semiconductor compounds. Studies of TlGaSe2 and TlInS2 materials are carried out quite intensively due to the uniqueness of their optical and electrophysical properties and significant prospects for their practical use. At the same time, information about the effect of specific doping impurities on the properties of such materials is insufficient and often contradictory.