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кафедра физики твёрдого тела

Dmitry A. Usanov (To the 70-Anniversary from Birthday)

A brief biography by Prof. Dmitry A. Usanov, the head of Solid State Physics Department of Saratov University, is given.

70 years of the Department of Solid State Physics

The brief history of the department has been recited. The information about main results of solid state physics department teamwork for last 10 years has been presented. Professors’ achievements in fields of innovations, research, and high school education have been characterized. The information about achievements of young lecturers and graduate students has been represented.

The 60th anniversary of the chair of solid body's physics

There are some data about history of foundation, activity results and trends of development of the chair of solid body's physics at N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University. There is also the characteristic of scientific trends developing by leading chair collaborators, mentioned basic scientific and pedagogic staff achievements.