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Fourier spectrum

On the effect of noise on quasiperiodicity of different dimensions, including the quasiperiodic Hopf bifurcation

Background and Objectives: The basic model of study is the simplest three - dimensional map with two-frequency and three-frequency quasiperiodicity at adding of noise. The main objective is to examine the effect of noise on the quasiperiodic Hopf bifurcation of the 3-torus birth. Materials and Methods: To study the torus map in the presence of noise we use such numerical methods as computing of Lyapunov exponents, calculation of Fourier spectra, drawing of attractor portraits.

Method for Measuring Acceleration by the Spectrum of Self-Mixing Signal of Semiconductor Laser

Background and Objectives: Traditional methods for measuring the acceleration by changing the position of extremums on the time axis, as well as methods based on the use of least squares and wavelet analysis, require significant signal processing efforts: filtering and allocating extremums or significant time for processing an autodyne signal.