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dispersion equation

Plasmon-polaritons Along the Asymmetric Hyperbolic Metamaterial

Background and Objectives: Plasmon-polaritons along a surface of bulk hyperbolic metamaterial and along a slab of such metamaterial with an arbitrary orientation of the crystallographic axis are considered (the axis in the polarization plane is an arbitrary angle with the direction of propagation). We use the rigorous approach based on Maxwell’s equations. The parameters of the hyperbolic metamaterial in the form of the effective dielectric constant tensor are determined by homogenization.

Mathematical Modelling Multilayered Waveguides Magnitodielektrical Structures with Strip and Slot Elements on Borders of Section of Environments

The effective algorithm of modeling of difficult multilayered electrodynamics systems with strip and slot elements on borders of layers is presented. The approach to construction of algorithm of the automated designing of such systems by a given topology and parameters was developed.