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On the Аnalytical Signal and Yu. N. Zajko Article «A History of One "Artefact"»

The erroneous claims, made in the paper [1] (article of Yu. N. Zayko in «Izvestia of Saratov University. New Ser. Ser. Physics». 2012. Vol. 12, iss. 1. P. 3–11) have been discussed.  

A History of One «Artefact»

A history of the phenomenon of fast oscillations of amplitude and momentary frequency of a signal (pulse) propagating in dispersive media is presented. This history is divided on three periods: first, from its discovery in 60-th of XX Century, second, its oblivion up to the end of XX C., and third – its open discussion from the end of XX C. to present days. A theory of the analytical signal is critically discussed. Some unpublished results are presented.