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“Enter into Action before Declaration by Governing Senate” (On the History of the Establishment of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at Saratov State University)

The full verified text of the Decree of the Provisional Government of Russia dated July 1 (14), 1917, from the newspaper “Newsletter of the Provisional Government” dated July 23 (August 5), 1917, about the establishment of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the Saratov University is analyzed. The main milestones of the biography of Pavel Ivanovich Preobrazhensky (1874–1944), are given.

Physics of Free-electron Lasers in Saratov State University

In the early 1970s, Saratov State University carried out research on the creation of a Compton free electron laser. The scientific group was headed by Boris Gennadievich Tsikin, associate professor of the electronics chair. The results of these works were published in central scientific journals and presented at international and allUnion scientific conferences. They received a positive assessment in the review articles published in the journal «Physics-Uspekhi». The investigations of physicists from SSU are interesting pages in the history of the creation of free-electron lasers.

Derivation of the Thermodynamic Probabilities Using Polynomial Forms

Background and Objectives: A. Einstein suggested at the time that neither the founder of the statistical mechanics L. Boltzmann, nor M. Planck, who has developed the statistical understanding of the entropy of radiation, gave the proper definitions of the thermodynamic probability as a number of equally probable microstates. Meanwhile it was necessary to understand the difference between the Boltzmann’s and Planck’s numbers of microstates. In particular, the Planck thermodynamic probability is expressed by the formula for the sum of the Boltzmann thermodynamic probabilities.

Basic Chairs: «Relations between Universities And Life»

The article is devoted to the history, experience and results of the 30-year joint organizational, educational, scientific and methodical activity of the Department of Computer Physics and Metamaterials of the Physics Department of Saratov National Research University named after NG Chenyshevsky (SSU) and Saratov Branch of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics named after V A. Kotel’nikov of the Russian Academy of Science (SB IRE RAS) within the formats “Chair of SSU – Branch of the Chair in the SB IRE RAS” and “Chair of SSU on the Basis of IRE RAS”.

Characteristics of Final Qualifing Works by Bachelors, Masters and Post-Graduates

Background and Objectives: The goal of this article is to acquaint for graduates of different levels of the higher education (bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees) with the main documents, which clarified requirements regarding to the writing of the graduate qualification work as well as its abstract.

Training of Medical Physicists for Clinical Bases in Lomonosov Moscow State University

In article the problem of training of experts in the field of medical physics to work in clinics using at the modern medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, including oncological has been discussed. The experience of training of students and conducting training courses on Department of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University has been given.


Проведен анализ основных подходов к классификации внутренних электрических шумов в электронных полупроводниковых приборах. Представлены классификации электрических шумов по каждому из выделенных признаков.

Main approaches to classification of internal electric noises in electronic semiconductor devices have been analyzed. According to each approach classification of electric noises has been given.


Освещаются основные этапы биографии профессора физического факультета Саратовского государственного университета Александра Фёдоровича Голубенцева.

Main stages of the biography of Professor Alexander F. Golubentsev are described.


Даются рекомендации по написанию автореферата диссертации, реализация которых способствует повышению значимости его информационной и коммуникативной функции.

Some recommendations for writing dissertation thesis, that increase its information and communication meaning are suggested.


О деятельности научного руководителя по мотивированию аспирантов к рефлексии над собственной творческой работой.

About the motivation of graduate students to reflect on their own creative work.