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Nikolai N. Semenov: Volga-Region Themes of the Life

Some pages of the biography of Nikolai N. Semenov, Academician, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, connected to Volga-region period of his life, are described.

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Saratov State University (1917–1945)

The article systematizes historical data on the opening in 1917 and the subsequent development of the Physics and Mathematics Department of Saratov University during 1917–1945. Professor Vladimir D. Zernov, Master of Physics, a student of the world famous professor of Moscow University Peter N. Lebedev was elected the first Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics on September 5, 1917. The further development of the faculty was held with the participation of leading Russian scientists.

Physics of Free-electron Lasers in Saratov State University

In the early 1970s, Saratov State University carried out research on the creation of a Compton free electron laser. The scientific group was headed by Boris Gennadievich Tsikin, associate professor of the electronics chair. The results of these works were published in central scientific journals and presented at international and allUnion scientific conferences. They received a positive assessment in the review articles published in the journal «Physics-Uspekhi». The investigations of physicists from SSU are interesting pages in the history of the creation of free-electron lasers.

“Enter into Action before Declaration by Governing Senate” (On the History of the Establishment of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at Saratov State University)

The full verified text of the Decree of the Provisional Government of Russia dated July 1 (14), 1917, from the newspaper “Newsletter of the Provisional Government” dated July 23 (August 5), 1917, about the establishment of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the Saratov University is analyzed. The main milestones of the biography of Pavel Ivanovich Preobrazhensky (1874–1944), are given.

Saratov Pages of the History of Physics: V. P. Jousset, E. F. Gross

The facts from the biography of V. P. Zhuze and E. F. Gross, related to their work at the Saratov State University, have been described. The content of new effects and relationships, which were established for the first time by V. P. Zhuze and E. F. Gross and became the history of semiconductor physics, has been briefly described. The information on the development of the research direction, for the first time organized at the Saratov State University by V. P. Zhuze, after his departure has been presented. The conclusion on the influence of V. P. Zhuze and E. F.