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Asymptotic Freedom into the Mechanics of Composite Particle Inelastic Collisions at High Energies

The application of the asymptotic freedom hypothesis to consider the mechanics of deep inelastic scattering processes (DIS), allows one to reveal the elastic form of the parton (xama and xbmb) scattering also for hadron-hadron interactions of particles a and b having masses ma and mb with subsequent hadronization of them into the hadron showers. The elastic character of the parton scattering, in its turn, helps to define invariant variables analogoues to DIS (Bjorken xa, xb and square four-momentum transfer Q2) through the two-hadron showers in the c.m.s. of a and b particles.

Solution Method of the Nonlinear Equations of Mathemathical Physics by the Influence Function

The nonhomogeneous differencial equation was investigated by means of a method of the influence function for the problems of nonlinear beam dynamics in the solenoid magnetic field up to the third order. The algorithms within the matrix formalism to obtain the solution of nonlinear equations by the influence function method, are described.

Resonant Properties of Electronic Flows in Semiconductor Structures with Modulated Dielectric Permeability

It is shown that the directed self-organizing of an electronic flow in semiconductors may be caused by a mechanism based on interaction of the flow with heterogeneities formed by a fixed distribution of dielectric permeability. The behavior of resonant amplitude values of the flow speed in a quasiballistic mode is considered depending on heterogeneity factors.

Laser Interferometry for Study of the Diffusion Process in Glycerol−Water System

Mutual diffusion process in glycerol−water system was studied by laser interferometry technique. Descriptions of optical schemes, experimental technique using multi-beam laser microinterferometer and method of digital interferogram processing are presented. Kinetics of spatial distribution of the refractive index of a medium during mass transfer process is determined and diffusion coefficients are found.

Modulating Effect of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity

On the basis of experimental investigation it is determined that highfrequency electromagnetic radiation of low intensity has a significant effect on the development of hydrogen sulfide toxicity during the inhalation process. Toxicity parameters reduce by 5–6 times if hydrogen sulfide is exposed to rays. The reduction of gas toxicity is obviously connected with appearance of quasi-stable intermolecular bonds that is the reason of dimer formations.

On the Problem of Complete Synchronization in Beam-Plasma Systems

Complete chaotic synchronization phenomenon in the unidirectionally coupled beam-plasma systems with overcritical current has been found. The boundary value of the synchronous regime onset in this case is shown to exceed the analogous value of the coupling parameter in the case of the mutual type of coupling in approximately two times.

Prospects of Perfecting the Parameters Small-Dimensioned X-Band Microtron

In paper presented results of the calculation of microwave and magnetic systems X-band microtron. Microwave system is expected to run for the base monoblock monoblock magnetron-accelerating cavity. The results of the analysis of stationary processes and transients in such system are presented. The requirements to parameters of coupling element in of the magnetron's anode block with accelerating cavity are determined. The calculations of magnetic system for 5 MeV X-band microtron on the base permanent magnets are executed.

The Investigation of the Fine Shift to the Energy Levels in the Hydrogen–Like Atoms with Accuracy α^6 ln α^(-1) by Quasipotential Method

In the quasipotential approach the quantity of Logarifmic corrections to the fine shift increased but the sum result of α^6 ln α^(-1) is equal zero. The past of high order to a corrections is calculated.

Ballistic Auto-Correlation Interferometry

We propose the implementation of a ballistic auto-correlation interferometer (BAI) for the assessment of biological tissues. We develop the theory of the interferometric technique, and demonstrate that a method to isolate ballistic from forward-scattered contributions is of central importance. We, therefore, propose theoretically and experimentally a non-linear grating-based angular filter. A monochromatic source incident on a ruled grating, positioned at grazing diffraction, is followed by a narrow slit to conform the proposed system.

IR Spectrum of the Methyl-β-D-Glucopyranoside and its Interpretation on Basis Structural-Dynamic Model Construction

Structural-dynamic models of the methyl-β-D-glucopyranoside molecule are constructed by density functional method in bases 6-31 G(d), 6-31+G (d, p). Energies, structures, dipole moments, polarizabilities, frequencies of normal modes in harmonic approximation and IR intensities have been calculated. Interpretation of IR absorption spectrum is presented in range 400-3700 cm^(-1). Advantages of model, which was constructed, compared with model, which bases on using valence-force field method and valency-optical theory, are discussed.

The Vibrationai Spectra of 2-Biphenylmethanol and their Interpretation by Using of Molecul Structural-Dynamical Model Taking into Account Mechanical Anharmonicity

Using hybrid density functional (B3LYP/6-31 (d)) the calculation of the geometry, electro-optical parameters, quartic force field and vibrational spectra of the 2-biphenylmethanol molecule were performed. The vibrational analysis was implemented and the full interpretation of its IR (400-3800 cm^(-1)) and Raman (50-3600 cm^(-1)) spectra was given.

Structure-Dinamic Modeles of Cyclopropane and Cyclopentene

Fashionable calculations of geometric and vibrational spectra of cyciopentane and cyclopentene are carried out. Nonplanar conformation for five-member cycle of molecule is cofirmed.

Cryptography from the Physicist's Point of View

The results of treating of crypto algorithms such as DES (USA) and GOST 28147-89 (Russia) with the help of nonlinear dynamics methods are presented. Point maps which are generated by the blocks of substitutions (S-blocks) are investigated. The phenomenon of return is demonstrated. The ergodicity of these maps are treated. An estimation of quality of S-block could be made by maps of first return. The results of statistical treating of S-biocks are presented.

About Conditionality of Nonlinear Responce of Miogenic Response of Afferent Arteriola for Irregular Self-Sustained Oscillations of Nephron Proximal Pressure

By means of nonlinear dynamics and time series analysis we investigate the possible mechanisms for the onset of chaotic selfsustained dynamics in nephron tubular pressure that is observed experimentally. Our results suggests that the miogenic constriction mechanism of afferent arteriola plays the key role providing the nonlinear response on temporal variation of filtration rate.

Identification of Action Potentials of Small Neuron Ensembles Using Wavelet-Analysis and Neural Networks Method

A possibility to solve the problem of automatic identification of neuronal spikes in the extracellularly recorded electrical potentials is discussed that is based on a combined approach assuming application of neural networks and the discrete wavelet-transform. Efficiency of the combined approach is illustrated in the analysis of experimental data.

On Conservation Lows for Energy and Momentum in Electromagnetic Field in Media and Under Plane Wave Diffraction on Conducting Plate

The general nonstationary balance equations for energy and momentum densities of field-matter system based on rigorous nonstationary approach for their definitions with dependence from the field creation prehistory have been obtained. Also the transport velocities of these densities have been derived. The concrete examination and detailed consideration have been performed for simplest dispersion low which is defined by the conductivity connected with the dissipation.

The Resonant Mechanism of Excitation Exchange Spin Waves in Layered Monolithic Ferrite-Ferrite Structures

It is found out high (up to 80% and more) efficiency of pulse transformation of exchange spin waves (ESW) and a sound in implanted YIG films. Impulses ESW extended deep into YIG film and were reflected from its opposite surface. Resonant effects colinear and noncolinear transformations ESW are investigated. It is shown, that these effects have long character that allows to reach high efficiency of transformation of energy of fast and slow types of waves even at weak intensity of radiation ESW.

Signal Propagation in Nerve Fiber

In this article a problem of signal propagation in nerve fiber is considered. Ohm’s losses and heat processes are taken into account. These permit to join two stages (metabolic and non-metabolic) of propagation and Na+ and K+ ions transmission through cell membrane connected with propagation. Electrodynamics of nerve fiber is described by telegraph equations with losses. Heat processes in fiber are described by an equation of entropy transfer. Ion motion at metabolic stage against the electro-chemical potential is described by negative conductance, responsible for the escape flow.

Complex Waveforms and Synchronization in Functional Model of Vascular Nephron Tree

We suggest functional model that qualitatively describes oscillatory processes in renal autoregulation. Our model consists of ensemble of two-mode oscillators that are coupled by means of two different pathways. The above coupling pathways count both the geometry of ensemble (tree-like structure or local interaction) and the specific action of individual oscillator (energy distribution netrwork or diffusive coupling). We study the typical operating regimes of suggested model as well as transitions between them.

Modeling of Structure and Vibration Spectra for Oxygen Substituted Compounds. 1. Spirits

The article describes the methods of accounting of anharmonic resonancies in structural dynamic models oxygen substituted compounds on the example of methanole.