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The Perspective Slow-wave Systems of Terahertz Band for TWT

In this paper the review of terahertz perspective slow-wave systems is presented for TWT.

The methods of modeling have been considered and some numerical results are presented.

Calculation of Structure and IR Spectrum of the 2,3-di-O-nytro-methyl-β-D-Glucopyranoside Molecule by Density Functional Method

Structural-dynamic models of the 2,3-di-O-nytro-methyl-β-Dglucopyranoside molecule are constructed by density functional method in basis 6-31G(d). Energies, structures, dipole moments, polarizabilities, frequencies of normal modes in harmonic approximation and IR intensities have been calculated. Interpretation of IR absorption spectrum is presented in range 600–3700 cm–1. Advantages of model, which was constructed, compared with model, which bases on using valence-force field method and valency-optical theory, are discussed.

Visualization of Penetration of TiO2 Nanoparticles into Tooth Tissues Samples Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Penetration of nanoparticles into the tooth tissues is of significant interest in solving the problems, related to the reduction of the tooth sensitivity, enamel strengthening and restoration and cosmetic bleaching. In the present paper we demonstrate the possibility to use optical coherent tomography for visualization of penetration of nanoparticles into the tooth tissues.

Contrasting in Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Liver by Nanoparticles

Possibility of improvement of inner liver structure visualization in optical coherent tomograms by increasing their contrast due to administration of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in various suspensions and at various methods of delivering of the particles into the tissue is considered. Values of contrast of inner liver structures in vitro are obtained.

The Study of Nail Bed Microcirculation by Laser SpeckleImaging Technique

The applicability of laser speckle contrast analysis technique for study of nail bed microcirculation parameters was investigated. Parameters and their dynamics were considered using calibration data obtained with biotissue phantom. Optimal conditions of formation and registration of speckle images were discussed and program for adaptive operation and processing was presented. The data of microscopic observations of nail bed capillary network was used to verify the results of speckle visualization.

Investigation of «Erythrocyte – Plasma» Complex in Native Human Blood Slide Using WhiteLight FullField Microinterferometry

Morphofunctional properties of erythrocytes in native blood slide of coronary heart disease patients are investigated using white light fullfield microinterferometry. Three dimensional images and surface profiles of complex «single RBC – surrounding blood plasma» are shown. Dynamic of slope angle of the plasma near the RBC during standardized intravenous glucose load is explored. The dynamic of patients with coronary heart disease is compared with one of patients with coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

Effect of Spectral Properties of Image Sensor on Interference Experiment

Influence of spectral properties of monochrome image sensor on spectrum of detecting radiation in fullfield lowcoherence microinterferometer is investigated. Dependence of interference pulse shape and period of interference fringes on the spectrum is shown. Simulated results and experimental measurements of integral transmission spectrum of Linnik microinterferometer with the silicon monochrome image sensor and thermal light source are presented.

Dynamic and Spectral Characteristics of Time Series Describing Pulse Wave Velocity

We analyze the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the signals that reflects the rapid changes in pulse wave velocity (PWV). We describe the characteristics of PWV signal in the high frequency HF range (from 0.1 to 0.5 Hz) and suggest a simple model that illustrates our hypotheses.

Dependence of Fractal Dimension of Biospeckles on Conditions of Illumination: Computer Simulation

There were presented results of computer simulation of processes of scattering of laser light on biological objects with fractal structure. Dependence of fractal dimension of speckle pattern formed under illumination of model of biological object on fractal properties of object of interest and on correlation between diameter of laser beam and dimensions of biofractal was investigated.

Technique of Digital Laser Speckle-Photography for Measurement of Scattered Object Microdisplacement

Specklephotography with twoexposition digital recording of specklestructure of diffraction field and numerical specklegram processing for measurements of scattering object micro displacement is considered. Methods for realization of specklephotography technique with recording of digital specklegrams in far field diffraction area and in field of focused image are discussed. Natural and numerical experiments to obtain measuring information on object micro displacement are performed.

Mathematical Modelling Multilayered Waveguides Magnitodielektrical Structures with Strip and Slot Elements on Borders of Section of Environments

The effective algorithm of modeling of difficult multilayered electrodynamics systems with strip and slot elements on borders of layers is presented. The approach to construction of algorithm of the automated designing of such systems by a given topology and parameters was developed.

The Influence of the Boundary Conditions on ohe Dynamics of the Piezogyroscope’s Sensitive Element

There has been considered the fluctuations inside the sensitive element of the piezogyroscope while measuring the angular velocity. The coupled electroelasticity problem for the system of the elastic piezoceramic plates and associated mass has been solved. The presence of the viscous forces during the deformation was taken into consideration. There has been investigated the influence of the plate fixation on the amplitudefrequency characteristics of the device.

The Changes of Morphological Indicators of Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood at Long Exposure of Gold Nanoparticles

The exposure of gold nanoparticles with different size on the morphological indicators of red bone marrow and peripheral blood of white not purebred rats at long peroral introduction were studied in experiment. The mutagen influence of gold nanoparticles on polychromatophilous erythrocytes of bone marrow were estimated by micronuclear test. During research the reduction of quantity of leukocytes in peripheral blood and the erythrocyte volume reduction with increase of their hemoglobin saturation were revealed.

PlasmonResonance Gold Nanoparticles as Drug Carriers and Optical Labels for Cytological Investigations

In this paper we report on the investigation of the influence of plasmon resonant gold nanoparticles (PRGNPs) and their complex with anticancer drug prospidin to the physiological functions (endocytosis, respiratory activity, viability) of tumor cell lines HeLa and SPEV2. We used the combination of several microscopic regimes to register the light scattering and fluorescence for visualization the cells and PRGNPs. The citratestabilized colloidal gold with average particle diameter 50 nm was used as plasmon resonant labels.

Morphological Changes in the Internal Organs of Laboratory Animals under a Single Administration of Fe Nanoparticles

The cytotoxic effect of iron nanoparticles of size of 70 nm was studied in an experiment with single intramuscular and oral administration in albino mice and rats. Morphological changes were assessed in the internal organs, brain and the injection site. Studies had shown that intramuscular changes are more pronounced than when nanoparticles were administered orally and were shown in signs of cell damage while after the oral administration the blood flow changes in vessels were noted.

TGF-Mode Elimination in Hemodynamics of Vascular Nephron Tree

By means of numerical experiment, we studied the oscillating patterns, generated by the interaction of nephrons in the vascular tree and compared them with experimental data. Based on these results we calculated the blood flow in all branches, as well as its Fourier power spectra, to characterize its spectral composition. We reveal the mechanism responsible for the effective localization of hemodynamic interaction based on elimination of modulation rhythms of blood flow at each branching level.

Method of TimeDelay Systems Recovery from Time Series with Known Type of Model Equation

We propose the method for the reconstruction of firstorder timedelay systems from their time series. The method is based on taking into account the type of the system equation at the regression model construction. The method allows one to recover the delay time, the parameter characterizing the inertial properties of the system and the nonlinear function. It can be applied to the recovery of timedelay systems performing chaotic and periodic oscillations.

Geometry of the Free System of Material Points with Masses Depending on the Configuration of the System

The motion of the free system of material points with masses depending on the configuration of the system is considered. We give the interpretation of this motion as a geodesic path in the projectively flat space.

Pair Production in a Strong Electric Field with an Account of the Coulomb Interaction

In the framework of the Dirac model of vacuum the creation of е+е− pairs in a constant and uniform electric field with allowance Coulomb interaction between е+ and е− is considered. The transmission coefficient via the energy gap deformed by external field and the electric fields of particles is calculated in the semiclassical approximation. The Sauter exponential factor is modified by the exactly calculated function G(y) accounting Coulomb interaction of particles and changes in the shape of the potential barrier.

On Diffusive Dissociation of the Non-linear Coupled Particles of Atomic and Subatomic Systems

In the given work it is numerically shown, that the nonlinear coupled particle systems (type of the HCl molecule) diffusive dissociation rate has the threshold dependence on the laser radiation intensity, the vibrate and rotate particles system energy and decreases in process of transition from linear polarization of radiation to the circular.