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SN and СМВ Data and Higgs Particle Mass in a Scale-Invariant Gravitation Theory

In a Scale-Invariant Gravitation Theory, it was shown that both CMB data and SN ones testify to an ordinary cosmological quantum vacuum creation of the Universe together with the W-, Z-vector bosons and the Higgs particles. The initial momentum of the evolution, given by the kinetic energy of an additional scalar field, the Standard Model mass spectrum determine the CMB temperature and its fluctuation spectrum, if the Higgs particle mass is in the region of about 118 GeV.

Superextensions of Landau Models

The paper is a review of recent works on superextensions of the model of non-relativistic quantum charged particle moving in a homogeneous magnetic field on the plane R2 (Landau model), and a model of the particle in the field of Dirac monopole on the sphere S2: SU(2)11/(1) (Haldane model). We consider the models on the supersphere Sl/(2|1)/l/(1|1), superflag SU(2|1)/[l/(1)xl/(1)] and their planar limits, based upon a geometric interpretation of these models and their bosonic proptotypes as d=1 analogs of nonlinear sigma models of the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten type.

Coherent States and Mode Dynamics in Kerr Nonlinear Medium

Dynamics of three photonic modes in the theory of parametric amplifier in the medium, taking into account the Kerr nonlinearity, can be studied using the dynamical group WSp (6, R). For a degenerate parametric amplification with classical pump the description is reduced to the dynamics of coherent states of SU(1,1) group. The time dependence of average numbers of photons and squeezing are calculated. It is shown that the «switching-on» of the Kerr nonlinearity leads to suppression of the parametric amplification.

Non-Markovian Quantum Relaxation and Theory of Spectral Lines Width

The quantum equation of relaxation with non-Markovian terms in the approximation of short-time memory is derived. The correlation functions for a single two-level atom and system of two dipole-dipole interaction of atoms in the external regular fields and the contour of the radiation lines are calculated. Accounting Non-Markovian effects leads to a more vivid expression of dipole-dipole interaction.

Exactly Solvable Model of Instantaneously Switched-On Field In the Kinetics of Vacuum Particle Creation

Exact solutions of the nonperturbative kinetic equations for the description of fermion and boson pair creation in the vacuum are obtained for the case of a linearly polarized instantaneously switched-on electric field. The corresponding momentum distributions are nonintegrable, The renormalized distribution functions are also found. The obtained results can be used as estimates for upper limits of different vacuum pair creation effects in the more realistic case of short electric field pulses.

An Explicit Solutions of the Maxwell-Einstein Equations

This article concerns the effect of gravitation field of the spherical electro-magnetic wave (EMW) on its propagation in vacuum. For this it was received a solution of the coupled Maxwell-Einstein equations. The expression for metric is supposed to be just the same as in wellknown Schwarzschild problem for gravitation field at the vicinity of point mass with additional dependence on polar angle 9. The equations for radial and angular parts of EMW fields of ТЕ- and TM-types are received. Their various solutions are Investigated.

Dynamical Chaos In Quantum Systems

Complex dynamics of a quantum periodically driven square well is considered. It is shown that analysis of its ensemble average energy time series provides an identification of its dynamics to be either regular or chaotic. It has been found that enhancement of the driving force causes the energy spectrum to look like a spectrum of some random process, which may be identified as the signature of chaos in a quantum system. 

Integral Equations for Photonic Crystal Fibers

The integral and integrodifferential equations for photonic crystal waveguides (fibers) have been obtained both for finite and infinite dimensions of quasiperiodic dielectric coverings. Previously the equations for two-dimensional periodic photonic crystals with magnetodielectric and metallic periodic inclusions have been considered. The corresponding numerical results are presented.

Matrix Description of Multicoupled Oscillatory Systems Based on Tridiagonal Matrixes

The matrix description of multicoupled oscillatory systems is presented on the base of tridiagonal matrixes with dominating diagonale elements. The eigenfrequencies of a band-pass filter one calculated for the input node of a differential-gated radiopolarimeter.

Determining Parameters of Planar Capacitors Based of Thin Film Ferroelectric Materials

Experimental results suggest that in the Ni/Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3/MgO structure with linear sizes of 150 ×150 mm can be realized by planar capacitor elements of variability over a range of capacity from 0.02 pF to 3.0 pF, which increased capacity is achieved by increasing the number of electrode sections.

Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Nonlinear Waves Dynamics in a Physically Nonlinear Elastic Cylindrical Shells with Viscous Incompressible Liquid inside Them

This study focuses on the analysis of nonlinear wave propagation deformations in the elastic physically nonlinear cylindrical shells, containing a viscous incompressible fluid. Wave processes in an elastic cylindrical shell without interacting with fluid were previously studied from the standpoint of the theory of solitons. The developed model describes the processes in the tubes of relatively small diameter compared to the wavelength, such as blood vessels.

Spheroidal Graphite – Unique Morphological Formation of Carbon

Spheroidal graphite is little-known form of graphite. It is known that its presence affects the properties of gray cast iron post, typical steels. Research evidence that the spheroidal graphite is a unique layered spiral system of micro-and nanostructures, the inhomogeneous phase composition, structure and elemental composition with predominantly periodic alternation of closely spaced layers. Such systems can have properties and their combinations significantly different than the individual micro-and nanoparticles and composites based on them.

Vibrational Spectra and Structure of Spinohromes

Modeling calculations of geometric structure and vibrational spectra for spinazarin, ethylspinazarin, echinochrom is carried.

The Study of Possibility of Magnetic Microparticle Deposit in Skin at Superficial Application

The depth of penetration and localization of magnetic microparticles in skin under action of magnetostatic field was studied experimentally. In the study magnetic powder made from intermetallic composition SmCo5 consisting of 37% of samarium and 63% of cobalt was used. Sizes of the particles varied in the range 3–5 μm. As a carrier propylene glycol was used. The experiments were carried out with human skin samples in vitro.

Morphological Changes in the Internal Organs and Implanted Liver Tumor after Intravenous Injection of Gold Nanorods in Rats with Diabetes and Transplanted Tumor

The effects of gold nanorods on the internal organs and the transplanted liver tumor were studied in rats with simulated alloxan diabetes and transplanted liver tumors after intravenous administration. Assessed morphofunctional changes and biodistribution of gold in the internal organs and transplanted liver tumor. The study found that a single intravenous injection of gold nanorods does not cause significant morphological changes in the internal organs and transplanted tumors in rats with alloxan diabetes and transplanted tumor.

Dynamics of Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Laboratory Animals with Transplanted Kidney Cancer after Intravenous Injection of Gold Nanoshells

The effect of intravenously injected nanoshells on white outbred male rats with transplanted tumor of kidney cancer was studied. The blood biochemical parameters and morphological changes in the rat internal organs were examined during 24 h after nanoparticle injection. The most pronounced changes were observed 45 min – 2 h after nanoparticle injection and were reversible.

Modelling Calculations of Vibrational Spectra for Substituted Benzoic Acid

On the base of modeling calculations of geometric and electronic structure for substituted benzoic acid the parameters of adiabatic potential are investigated.

Parametric Gain Calculation in Photonic Crystal Fiber

Signal wave parametric gain was calculated in photonic crystal optical fiber. Photonic crystal fiber structure was optimized for broadband parametric gain. It is shown, that gain bandwidth for photonic-crystal fiber optical parametric amplifier could be more than 400 nm. Spectral changings in parametric gain due to modulation of photonic crystal waveguide cross-section was studied.

Optical Transient Nutation in Frequency-modulated cw Laser Beams in Resonant Self-Action Conditions

On the basis of numerical simulations an optical transient nutation is investigated. This effect is developed on high modulation amplitude of frequency-modulated cw laser beam propagating in resonance conditions. At modulation periods comparable with the atomic relaxation times the time dependence of the output intensity exhibits the combined manifestations of optical nutation and resonance self-action.

Analysis of Fruit Juices Using a Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Waveguides

The aspects of application of the hollow core photonic crystal waveguides for spectroscopic analysis of liquid medium were considered. The possibility of using these structures for analysis of a fruit juice was evaluated. The principles of processing of photonic crystal waveguide transmission spectra, which is sensitive to quality of juice, its composition, and main component concentration, were revealed.