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Voltage-capacitance Characteristics of MIS-structures Based on Ferroelectric Films

Metal–ferroelectric–semiconductor (MFS) heterostructures are created on n-type and p-type silicon substrates. Electronically-controlled capacitors are realized in MFS heterostructures. Measured parameters of electronically-controlled capacitors at 50 V bias voltage showed, that the stroke of voltage-capacitance characteristics of capacitors on the p-type silicon mirror reflexion of the stroke of voltage-capacitance characteristics of capacitors on the n-type silicon.

Calculation of Thermal Parameters and Technology of Formation MPL Microwave Range

The calculation of thermal parameters of super-high frequency microstrip microwave is performed. Calculations showed, that the high thermal conductivity of a diamond enables effective removal of heat from the active zone of microstrip microwave, increasing the output power up to 50 W at 3 GHz frequency without compromising the frequency characteristics of microstrip microwave.

Hydrogen Bonding and its Influence on the Structure and Vibrational Spectra of Cyclohexanol

In the range of 600–3600 cm–1 in a wide range of temperatures, in different phase states (plastic phase I, the crystalline phase II and III) IR spectra of cyclohexanol have been measured. Using method of density functional theory (B3LYP) in the basis of 6-31G (d) the structural-dynamic models of conformers of cyclohexanol molecules differing from each other by orientation of hydroxyl group relatively carbonic ring and H-complexes with different structures, which presumably realized in polymorphic modification of cyclohexanol, have been constructed.

Influence of the H-bonding to the Structure and Vibrational Spectrum of 2,3-di-O-nytro-methyl-β-D-glucopyranoside

Structural-dynamic models of 2,3-di-O-nytro-methyl-β-D-glucopyranoside and its H-complexes were constructed by density functional method using the functional B3LYP in the basis 6-31G (d). Energies, structures, dipole moments, polarizabilities, frequencies of normal modes in harmonic approximation and IR intensities have been calculated. Interpretation of IR spectrum of the 2,3-di-O-nytromethyl-β-D-glucopyranoside and ethanol complexes is presented in range 600–3700 cm–1.

Influence of the Co-Phase Harmonis Excitation on the Dynamics of the Two Coupled Period Doubling Systems

The system of two coupled maps under in-phase harmonic forcing is investigated numerically. By calculating of the lyapunov exponent spectrum the structure of control parameters space is investigated, the existence regions of the various multistable states are presented, the structure of the basins of attraction is studed.

Dynamics of the Coupled Nonautonomous Nonlinear Oscillators with Irrational Driving Frequencies Ratio

In present article the system of the two coupled nonautonomous nonlinear oscillators with irrational driving frequencies ratio is investigated experimentally. The existence regions of the various dynamical types are presented on the external excitation parameter plan. It is shown that in the case of irrational driving frequencies ratio and as result invariance system dynamics due to phases or phase difference of excitation in phase space exist torus, double torus, strange nonchaotic attractor, chaos and hyperchaos only.

Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Phototherapy in Patients with Lichen Planus

Presents clinical-immunological study of 26 patients with lichen planus (LP) (typical manifestations on the skin and mucous membranes). It was found that for the LP characterized by the appearance of the blood of an increased number of lymphocytes with active nuclear chromatin, which testifies to the intensive cellular immune response. Comparative evaluation of clinical effectiveness and impact on the immune response of the two methods of phototherapy (photochemotherapy (PUVA) and narrow-band UVB - therapy (UV-B 311нм)).

Rotational Isomeric and Vibrational Spectra of Monomers and Dimers for Acrylic Acid

In frame of method DFT/b3LYP modelling calculation of geometrical structure and vibrational spectra for monomers and dimmers of trans- and cis- isomers of acrylic acid are carried out. The influence of anharmonic resonance effects and intermolecular interection on state and intensities of bands in IR and Raman spectra are researched.

Interpretaion of Vibrational State for Trinitrophenol Isomers and Conformers

On the base of modeling calculations of geometric and electronic structure for trinitrophenol the interpretation of vibrational spectra are propoused.

From the Principle of Landauer to the Computer of Landauer

In this article questions of the Landauer’s principle application to classical computers are discussed. It is shown that this is connected mainly with the assumption of isothermal condition of switch cells’ (processor’s registers) working. It leads from previous author’s works that this is not true for classical computers. Comparison with data for CISC-processors confirms that processors are working at conditions far from isothermal ones.

Application of Two-fluid Model for Flow Treating in Pipes of Circle Profile

Two-liquid model for description of flows in tubes of circle profile is presented. This model explains well-known experimental fact which consists of growth (approximately in 2 degrees) of critical Reynolds number at which transfer to turbulent regime takes place in comparison with tubes of other profiles. A special characteristic of this model is a set of vortices which separates flow from walls of tube. An electromagnetic analogy with infinitely long solenoid is used for determination of flows’ parameters.

Photoactivated Disinfection in Treatment of Dental Pathology

The results of treatment and prevention in preschool children with inflammatory periodontal diseases. incorporating the lessons of oral hygiene, controlled cleaning of teeth and use of the device «Fotosan». After a preliminary analysis of the oral cavity (OHI-S, PMA), the children of the study were divided into two subgroups, one of which lasted for controlled cleaning of teeth, in the other - combined with the use of photoactivated disinfection. After application of photoactivated disinfection dynamics analysis allowed us to establish the PMA index decreased in preschool children by 92%.

Statistics of Poincare Recurrence with Considering Effect of Fluctuations

The basic statistical characteristics of Poincare recurrence are obtained numerically for the logistic map in a chaotic regime. The mean values, variation and recurrence distribution density are calculated and their dependence on a return size is analysed. Afraimovich–Pesin dimension values are obtained. It is verified that the Afraimovich–Pesin dimension corresponds to the Lyapunov exponent. the peculiarities of the influence of noise on the recurrence statistics are studied in local and global approaches.

Completeness’ Problem of Being Transmitted Information

This article presents an investigation of completeness’ problem of information transmitted by spherical electromagnetic wave from source to receiver. A space–time curvature caused by electromagnetic wave is an origin that influences on completeness. It is shown that that curvature has two parts, gravitational and diffractional ones. Light beam scattering parameters such as scattering angle and capture cross-section due to curvature of space-time are evaluated.

Investigating Stationary Conditions for Moments of Stochastic Process, Driven by Multiplicative Dichotomous Noise and Featuring Erlang First-order Distribution Function, Conditions Related by Golden Ratio

Conditions for the existence of stationary moments of a stochastic process, satisfying a linear differential stochastic first-order equation, comprising a coefficient, subjected to non-Markov dichotomous noise fluctuations with an arbitrary correlation time, are investigated. It is shown that the existence of stationary moments is related to the golden ratio tying the parameters of the dynamic system and dichotomous noise.

Application of Atomic Force Microscopy for Detection of Influence of Antibiotic Upon the Microbial Cell (on the Model of E.coli and I Generation Cephalosporins)

Alteration of E.coli cell wall caused by Cefazolin-AKOS was observed atomic force microscopy (AFM). Using semi-contact and contact modes the damaging effect of the Cefazolin-AKOS antibiotic was shown after a 30 minutes exposure. The assessment of physical parameters of cell allow to get more detailed information on the effect of antibiotics on microorganisms.

Intensity of Spectral Lines Perturbed Vibrational Transitions States of the Main Absorption Bands Polyatomic Molecules

Based on the analytic perturbation theory of linear operators using the method of constructing holomorphic functions for transforming the vibrational-rotational Hamiltonian. Built operator function is used to investigate the excited vibrational states and transitions between them. Formulas are obtained for the matrix elements and the absolute intensities of the spectral lines as a function of rotational and vibrational quantum numbers for the main bands of infrared absorption spectra of polyatomic molecules.

System’s Analysis of Vibrational Spectra in Dimmers of 5X-Substituted Uracile

On based of method DFT/b3LYP for parameters of adiabatic potential for the substituted 5X-uraciles (X = CH3, NH2, F, Cl) the theory of characteristic vibration for monomers and dimmers for the regarded class biomolecules are constructed. The indications of spectral identification for dimmers with strong hydrogen bonds are revealed.

A History of One «Artefact»

A history of the phenomenon of fast oscillations of amplitude and momentary frequency of a signal (pulse) propagating in dispersive media is presented. This history is divided on three periods: first, from its discovery in 60-th of XX Century, second, its oblivion up to the end of XX C., and third – its open discussion from the end of XX C. to present days. A theory of the analytical signal is critically discussed. Some unpublished results are presented.

Digital Holographic Interferometry of Microdeformations of the Scattering Objects

The principles of holographic interferometry with recording digital holograms and numerical reconstruction procedure of the complex amplitude of the object wave for the calculation of the field displacement surface of the object being discussed. The scheme design and experimental results of the study are presented.